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Lumitester C110    Spezifikation

Model: C-110
Detection method: Photon counting mode using photomultiplier tube
Detection range: 4 x 10-17 to 1 x 10-10mole ATP (With CheckLite series reagents)
Dark noise: Below 10RLU (25oC) (In case of standard mode)
Measurement time: 10 sec. in STANDARD mode, 1-1000sec. in ADVANCED mode
Sample tube size: 12 x 55 mm
Sample volume: 0.1mL
Data output:[/b ]RLU (Relative Light Unit), M (ATP concentration), pg (Amount of ATP), CELL (Cell count)
Data storage: 1000 pieces of data
Display: LCD (liquid crystal display) panel
Printer: Data can be printed out to an optional external printer
Interface: RS-232C
Software: Utility software for data collection and standard curve settings
Power: Rechargeable battery or AC adapter
Size: 185W x 110D x 75H mm (excluding projecting parts)
Weight: Approx. 700 g
Temperature / Humidity: Storage -10 to +50oC, Operating +5 to +40oC/No condensation
Accessories: Tube stand, AC adaptor, RS-232C cable, Instruction manual, Utility software

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