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Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP Agar (SCD 25)    Prodotto

Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP Agar (SCDLP)

Microbiological Test for Environment: Viable Bacterial Count Including inactivate agents

Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP is a prepared agar medium for Stamp method, on which agar stands up slightly above the rim of special Petri dish of 25 cm² . Take off the cap of Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP and gently press the medium against the surface of specimen. The surface of agar is elastic enough to be pressed firmly against the specimen. Press against the different parts of the specimen when several kinds of Clean Stamps are tested simultaneously. Put the cap again immediately after pressing.

This Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP is designed to measure and detect the degree of pollution of the specimen which surface has been processed with chemicals or disinfectants. As lecithin and polysorbate 80 inactivate those chemicals and disinfectants absorbed into medium, more reliable results can be obtained. Incubate at 30 - 35° C for 2 - 5 days.

Count all colonies grown on the surface.

Clean Stamp 25 SCDLP is made and prepared of Trypto-Soya Agar plus Lecithin and Polysorbate 80 according to its directions, and aseptically distributed and solidified in the special Petri dishes having an inside diameter of 58mm, outside diameter of 73mm and height of 18mm. One clean film bag contains 3 Clean Stamp 25s connected in series.

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