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Clean Stamp Mannitol Salt Agar with Egg Yolk (MSEY)    Prodotto

Mannitol Salt Agar with Egg Yolk (MSEY)

Microbiological Test for Medical Ambience: Staphylococcus

Clean Stamp is a prepared agar medium for Stamp method, on which agar stands up slightly above the rim of special Petri dish of 10 cm2 . Take off the cap of Clean Stamp and gently press the medium against the surface of specimen. The surface of agar is elastic enough to be pressed firmly against the specimen. Press against the different parts of the specimen when several kinds of Clean Stamps are tested simultaneously. Put the cap again immediately after pressing.
Incubate at 35° C for 24 - 48 hours.

Staphylococcus aureus: Staphylococcus aureus forms round yellow/cream color colonies with yellow surroundings around the colonies. Due to positive Egg Yolk reaction, white turbidity is developed inside the medium around the colonies while the surface has pearly luster.

In case of faint Egg Yolk reaction is observed, extend incubation to 48 hours, and read the reaction after colonies are removed.

Other Staphylococcus: Other Staphylococcus forms small round white colonies with no color changes or red surroundings around the colonies, and do not show any positive Egg Yolk reaction.

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