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Food Stamp XM-G Agar    Prodotto

Simple and Easy Stamp Medium for Food Hygiene test: Escherichia coli and Coliforms

Food Stamp is a prepared agar medium for Stamp method, on which agar stands up slightly above the rim of special Petri dish of 10 cm² . Take off the cap of Food Stamp and gently press the medium against the surface of specimen. The surface of agar is elastic enough to be pressed firmly against the specimen. Press against the different parts of the specimen
when several kinds of Food Stamps are tested simultaneously. Put the cap again immediately after pressing.

Incubate at 35° C for 18 - 22 hours.

Count all pink / red-purple color colonies grown on the surface as Coliforms.
Count all blue / blue-purple color colonies grown on the surface as E. coli.
E. coli O-157 does not have a ß-glucuronidase, and then it will be identified as a Coliform.
Overtime incubation may foster growth of microorganisms other than E. coli and Coliforms. Red color may be observed if the sample contains lactobacilli that has also a ß-galactosidase.

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