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Histamin Kit    Product

Histamine Test is a colorimetric enzyme assay for the quantitative analysis of histamine in canned, fresh or frozen fish.

Histamin Flyer
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Easy extraction: Do not need to remove substances that interfere the assay, which is needed in HPLC method or AOAC method.

Easy procedure and short assay time: Complicated procedure is unnecessary, which is needed in HPLC method or EIA methods.

Principle of Measurement

Histamine Test is a colorimetric enzyme assay for the quantitative analysis of histamine. Histamine dehydrogenase catalyses the oxidation of histamine. This reaction in the presence of 1-methoxy-5- methylphenazinium methylsulfate (1-methoxy PMS) can produce colored tetrazolium salt that can be measured at 460 nm.

Instructions for Use
1. Materials Required But Not Provided
Optional Items: (for raw material sample)
2. Extraction and Preparation of the Sample Solutions
3. Preparation of the Reagent
4. Assay Procedure
Refer to the table 'Assay Procedure' below. Incubate all the assay tubes simultaneously.
Absorbance measurement conditions
Wavelength: 460 nm
Cuvette: 1 cm path length
Reference to set the absorbance zero: water
Final volume: 3.2 ml

5. Interpretation of Results
You can determine the histamine concentra-tion of the fish sample by the following calculation:
The histamine concentration (mg/L = ppm)
= (Es - Eb) ÷ (Estd-Ec)×4×25×df
= (Es - Eb) ÷(Estd-Ec)×100×df
Es: Absorbance of the sample, Eb: Absorbance of
sample blank, Estd: Absorbance of standard solution, Ec: Absorbance of reagent blank, df: dilution factor of the sample solution. Figure 4 and 25 in the for-mula mean that the histamine concentration of the standard solution is 4 ppm, and that sample has been diluted 25 fold by extraction procedure, respectively.

For Safety Use
Pay attention to the points listed below for safe operation of this kit.

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download Comparison between HyServe Histamin kit and other commercial available Histamin detection methods.pdf

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