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Lucipac Pen for Endoscope 40 cm, Ø 3,2 mm    Produkt

LuciPac LS3.2-400 is a kit for testing cleanliness levels
mainly for canalicular objects using bioluminescence techniques
using firefly luciferase developed with Kikkoman's unique
This kit contains specialized long stem swabs suitable for
swabbing inside of the channels of medical endoscopes and
of filling nozzles in beverage industry, which have not been
accessible by LuciPac Pen and/or other ATP swab test kits.
Size of the long stem swab: Cotton bud 3.2mm Ø and stem length
400 mm
Firefly luciferase emits light in the presence of ATP and
luciferin. The AMP produced from this reaction is converted back
into ATP using PPDK to enable a high but stable amount of
luminescence to be obtained.
ATP is a source of energy necessary for various forms of life
that is present in organic residues, such as microorganisms, food
residue, and biological substances that originate from other living
organisms. This method allows you to measure and detect organic
This kit can be used to test cleanliness levels using a swab test.
Do not use this device for any purpose other than what it was
designed for as a tester of cleanliness levels. Please be aware that
this kit cannot be used to test or measure for counts of viable
bacteria or more specific types of pathogenic bacteria.
This kit is used to indicate cleanliness levels in food production
centers and medical treatment facilities. This kit shall not
provide any guarantee that a given test environment is free of
bacterial contamination. This kit cannot be used to test food or
food products directly. This kit is not a medical device.

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